In the STEM Automation and Robotics course, students discover how the four disciplines connect as they design a complete robotics system. Once they are familiar with automation and robotics, they’ll have the opportunity to design innovative solutions to real-world problems, challenges, and needs.


  • Physics
  • Dynamics
  • Applied fields


  • Robots
  • Conveyors and feeders
  • Computers


  • Manufacturing
  • Computer science
  • Control systems


  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Binary logic


The purpose  of the STEM Automation and Robotics course is to provide students the opportunity to explore the design of robotics systems in a simulated manufacturing environment.

Students will be challenged to come up with system solutions by taking on the role of a robotics system engineer. Students must adhere to the specifications and constraints given and explore and practice the skills of robotics programming and system design to develop solutions in real-world contexts.

Upon completion of the STEM Automation and Robotics course, students will be able to:

  • Design a complete robotics system, with a focus on the important roles robotics systems play in the manufacturing industry
  • Program a robot arm and peripheral tools, including a gravity feeder and rotary carousel
  • Use RoboCIM software programming and lead-through programming with a teach pendant to program the components and design the system
  • Simulate manufacturing processes through robotics system design to represent the production of products
  • Take on the role of robotics system engineers to optimize the robotics system design


  • Multimedia presentation
  • MindSight installation and user guide
  • RoboCIM 5150 software
  • Robot arm with work surface
  • Robot teach pendant
  • Gravity feeder
  • Rotary carousel
  • Two (2) clear tubing P500 2.5
  • Three (3) film canisters
  • Ten (10) plexi blocks (2x2x0.5 in)
  • Plastic jar, 4 oz.
  • Two (2) paint cans (1 L)
  • Plastic ruler, 12 in/30 cm


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