In the STEM CNC Lathe course, students discover how the four disciplines connect as they design and produce prototypes. Once they are familiar with how the CAD/CAM software interacts with the CNC lathe, they’ll have the opportunity to design innovative solutions to real-world problems, challenges, and needs.


  • Density, volume, force, and pressure
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics


  • Windows-based GUI
  • 2D and 3D software applications
  • CNC lathe machine
  • Digital caliper
  • G & M Code


  • Design and development of parts and products
  • Design evaluation and design changes to improve products
  • Application of orthographic projection concepts to 2D standard views and isometric views
  • Engineering design process


  • Units of measurement
  • Subtracting material
  • Perpendicularity
  • X-Y-Z coordinate systems
  • Angular measurements
  • Geometry


The purpose of the STEM Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Lathe course is to provide learners the opportunity to design, create, and evaluate prototypes: all very important steps in the manufacturing process.

Learners will be challenged to design and prototype products by taking on the role of a CNC designer/programmer. Learners must adhere to the specifications and constraints given, as well as explore and practice the CAD/CAM software, and the interactions with a CNC machine, to be the designers of new products.

Upon completion of the STEM CNC Lathe course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the function and features of a CNC lathe machine.
  • Identify CNC lathe cutting tools and tool posts.
  • Design digital models using a stand-alone CAD/CAM system
  • Generate PART programs
  • Select the correct cutting tool based on design specifications
  • Position the cutting tool on a CNC lathe
  • Execute programs on the CNC lathe using CNC lathe software
  • Operate a CNC lathe machine using various workpieces
  • Identify basic motion types in a CNC machine
  • Develop CNC programs in G & M code
  • Demonstrate quality control checks using a digital caliper
  • Apply the engineering design process


  • Multimedia presentation
  • MindSight installation and user guide
  • CNC Lathe software
  • 5300 CNC Lathe (plus accessories)
  • Venier caliper
  • Machinist scale
  • Scissors
  • Rubber mat
  • Workpieces: Delrin 0.75” x 3.0” white
  • Workpieces: Delrin 0.75” x 3.0” black
  • Safety glasses

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